Future Plans

Future (construction) Plans

One School upto 8th class which has been given the name of Anjuman Convent having a strength of 300 students is running at Jhabua Town under the supervision of Jamia. There is a plan of expanding the school so as to include other technical and mechnical lins to train muslim boys in the technical field.
X There is plan to construct one darulquran so that the education in Hifz and Qirat may take place with concentration at present this education is being given to students at the place of their stay.
X There is a utter need of separate permanent administrative office.
X As a teaching place seprate building is needed for teaching Arbic and ahib n.
X A seprate building is needed for library.
X For the convenience and comfort of visiting guests the construction of a guest house is very much needed.

Sr.no Building Name Sq. Ft.
1 School Building 5000
2 Community Hall 4000
3 Darul Quran 4950
4 A Type Staff Quarter 2400
5 Computer Lab 2310
6 B Type Staff Quarter 900
7 Table Cell Table Cell

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