Madarsa, is an Islamic college, literally a "place of instruction," especially instruction in religious law. In medieval usage the term referred to an institution providing intermediate and advanced instruction in Islamic law and related subjects. This contrasted with elementary schools, which provided basic Qur’an instruction, and nonreligious institutions, which provided instruction in such subjects as medicine. In modern usage the term usually applies to schools offering Islamic religious instruction at any level. The Madarsa can be considered as a building, as a legal entity, and as an educational institution. As a rule, the medieval madarsa served male students who were past the elementary level and who intended to acquire credentials as ulema, religious scholars. Elementary schools and schools offering vernacular or practical education were usually known by other names.

Description and Architecture

A typical Islamic madarsa contained rooms for students, a prayer hall, and classrooms and would likely also contain a residence for one or more professors, a library, and sanitary facilities. It was usually attached to a mosque, and large mosque complexes.

Foundation of Jamia
Town Meghnagar and the entire area All around right from the begining had been a highly backward and downtrodden area. There had been no tours or contacts with rightous scholar (Ulma e haque ) in the area. There had been no Islamic institution Makatib and Masajid in the area. There are almost 400 villeges and small town in the area which are totlly out of touch with any of the above activities as a result large section of the Umma is on the verge of Conversion (Irtidad.) Christian Missionaries are fully active in the area. :Looking to the above conditions in the year 1420 Hijri foundation of Islamic institution "JAMIA SAADATUL ULOOM" was laid in year 1420 Hijri which Allhamdulillah is moving forward to its glorious future.

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